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Jason Fontana

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Jason Fontana is a biohacker, a biotechnologist, a blogger and an enthusiast photographer. He is a geek.

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Daily Photos

I post my daily photos on 500px. Head over there to take a look.

About Me

Professional and Education

I'm the Founding President of Open Wet Lab, the first biohacking organization in Italy.

I'm currently a Master Student at the Armenise-Harvard Laboratory of Synthetic and Reconstructive Biology at CIBIO, University of Trento, Italy.

I have a passion for divulgation: I'm giving talks for Open Wet Lab and I'm an author for Italian innovation and science website CheFuturo!.

Personal Interests

I define myself as a geek —don't call me a nerd. I blog about technology and science at blog.jasonfweb.com, though I'm trying to move to something like Medium.

I have a passion for photography. I pack my Olympus OM-D everywhere I go. I publish my daily photos on 500px and my photo assays with Storehouse. You can buy seasonal photo books on Blurb; for prints, just contact me.


This website is built using simple HTML+CSS and jQuery.

Articles are written on Medium, photo essays on Exposure.so.

Web, software and photography setup coming soon.

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